Stamp Monero is a guerrilla marketing campaign to bring awareness to Monero. Stamping physical fiat currency is an efficient and legal way to spread the word about Monero. According to Federal Reserve estimates and our assumptions, each one dollar bill you stamp may be seen by 438 other people.

Join us and the Monero community in our mission to spread the Monero revolution world-wide.

- Round self-inking 45mm diameter stamp with red ink

- Capacity for 10,000 uses without replacing ink pad (Ink pad can be replaced with any color ink)

- If we don’t ship to you, or you would like to create your own Monero stamp, we offer the source file for free

- Stamp Monero donates 10% of its proceeds to the general Monero fund and various Monero FFS projects, take a look at our donations page to view all of the the donations we have made thus far

Note: We offer discounts for those ordering in bulk (such as for Monero meetup kits). Please contact us for more info.